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This traditional stuffing recipe is really a homemade classic. It’s a simple, fundamental stuffing created using simple ingredients to create a Thanksgiving poultry, or offered like a side dish to chicken, pork, or almost any comfort food craving any season.

The Very Best Easy Stuffing Recipe

Basically would stand in a table packed with the standard Thanksgiving dinner dishes, and also have to select only one to consume throughout my Thanksgiving dinner days, it wouldn’t function as the poultry, it wouldn’t function as the mashed taters, also it wouldn’t be also my grandma’s ambrosia salad that will result in the cut. Not a chance.

The main one dish I wouldn’t wish to lose out on at Thanksgiving is that this super simple, totally fundamental, bread stuffing I’ve been eating since i have could put food within my hungry little mouth, and can still eat hot while dining or cold right out the fridge. It’s my side dish kryptonite and also the one I’m able to never avoid.

I’ve shared other stuffing recipes which are more unusual with increased ingredients, but I’ve never shared my personal favorite. I usually think it is too fundamental, and never unique enough. Speculate it’s exactly the same one I make year in and year out, and it’s exactly the same recipe my mother made each year which i would greater than happily taste test for seasoning, I believed it had been about time to publish it here where it proudly belongs.

There’s nothing fancy relating to this >

What’s Within This Classic Stuffing Recipe

There are just six ingredients, plus pepper and salt within this quite simple stuffing recipe.

My stuffing begins with fundamental dried sandwich bread. Dried bread will the best job of absorbing the seasonings and flavors. My mother always used boxed seasoned bread cubes, however i have fallen into favor from the dried bread cubes I order from my supermarket loaves of bread.

Or, you may make your personal. A 1 pound loaves of bread can make about 12 glasses of cubed bread.

To organize dried bread for stuffing, cut some white-colored or French bread into 1/2-inch slices and put on the baking sheet or rack to sit down out overnight, or two night, until dried. Reduce smaller sized pieces if preferred.

To organize bread stuffing within the oven, put the sliced bread inside a 225°F oven for half an hour or until dried, and reduce smaller sized pieces.

Steps to make Stuffing

The factor which makes the stuffing so great may be the mixture of onions and celery sauted in lots of butter. Only the aroma of those three ingredients sauteing around the stove is sufficient to send visions of poultry day recollections flooding through my brain just like a food memory time capsule.

  • Dried bread cubes
  • Onion
  • Celery
  • Butter (and don’t get stingy!)
  • Chicken broth
  • Dried chicken seasoning
  • Kosher salt and freshly ground pepper

This really is one season and also the one dish I don’t skimp around the butter since it adds lots of flavor.

I season the stuffing exactly the same way my mother always did, with dried chicken seasoning.

Chicken seasoning is a mix of the next dried herbs:

The pungency of dried herbs is more powerful than fresh herbs, and that’s why I personally use chicken seasoning each time.

I love to make my very own chicken or poultry stock to flavor this stuffing, and employ to make my homemade gravy. I personally use my recipe for Homemade Chicken Stock.

If I’m making the stock recipe for poultry, It’s my job to sub within the carcass after making my juicy roasted poultry breasts (since i always want extra white-colored meat) along with a couple of roasted poultry wings. Or, simply employ chicken stock for poultry stuffing rather.

Ingredients to increase This Straightforward Stuffing to really make it Special

This fundamental stuffing recipe could possibly be the foundation base to any or all your stuffing cravings with the addition of other ingredients to children easy to special:

  • Sausage, pork, or bacon. Plain sausage, mild Italian or apple sausage all give a savory bite
  • Nuts like pecans, pine nuts, walnuts
  • Dried fruit like cranberries, currants, raisins, dried apricots or cherries
  • Chopped apples, mushrooms or fennel
  • Roasted vegetables like butternut squash or caramelized onions
  • Smoked oysters or water chestnuts

The Very Best Temperature to Prepare Stuffing

Stuffing cooked outdoors the bird: To be certain there’s no contamination for the stuffing, prepare it inside a baking dish prepared with butter as noted within the recipe instructions below. When cooking outdoors the bird, drizzle with cup more stock and us dot with 1-two tablespoons more butter, therefore the stuffing doesn’t dry up within the oven. Bake engrossed in aluminum foil.

Stuffing cooked within the bird: Personally, I really like my stuffing cooked within the bird with the drippings adding incredible flavor towards the stuffing and ensure that is stays moist because it cooks. If cooking the stuffing within the bird, it’s Necessary for make use of a food or meat thermometer so that the internal temperature in the center of the stuffing hits 165°F.

Things to Serve with this particular Classic Stuffing to create a Meal

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