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Oyster Dressing

through the Pioneer Lady on November 14, 2011

Oyster Dressing is weird. Who within their right mind want a fishy-tasting dressing with their Thanksgiving meal?

I’d. That’s who. And thus would my father, that has this kind of interesting palate as he’s be as pleased with a junk e-mail sandwich on white-colored bread as he’d be around Duck Confit. So perhaps he’s and not the best guide, because he’ll essentially eat anything.

Except bananas. Yes, I come across it honestly.

Oyster dressing, bizarro as it might seem towards the uninitiated, is really a scrumptious accessory for a plate of Thanksgiving wonderfulness. I didn’t think I loved it for that longest time, but when I dove in to the craziness, there wasn’t any returning. Try it out this season!

Note: Here’s a hyperlink to my cornbread recipe. It’s a high quality one: Skillet Cornbread. (The printable version is below.)

The Cast of Figures: Crusty French or Italian bread, cornbread (proven within the skillet), onions, carrots, celery, butter or bacon fat, poultry or chicken broth, and whatever herbs you’d prefer to use (not proven.)

Don’t hate. Appreciate. And please use fresh/raw oysters for those who have them available. However if you simply don’t, these are merely fine…and hilariously, some people even like the homey, comfort-food excellence of the canned ones.

Chop up an italian man , bread into cubes and allow them to sit out for many hrs or overnight to obtain nice dry.

Same goes with the cornbread. The drier the greater!

Drain the oysters more than a bowl and reserve the liquid. If you wish to roughly chop them, you can…but I’m likely to boost the oyster impact and then leave them whole.

When the bread is dried up, melt some bacon fat (if you possess a truckload from it like I actually do) or some butter (if you’re normal) inside a large skillet. Toss in the onions, carrots and celery…

Until they’re translucent and golden. If you’re using raw oysters, you are able to throw them in and prepare them just a little here.

Next, it’s nearly set up. Toss the white-colored bread…

And also the cornbread right into a large (pretty durn large) bowl.

Pour inside a good 4 glasses of the broth, drizzling it evenly total the bread.

Then toss in the veggies…

The oysters (should you didn’t saute all of them with the veggies)…

And 2 eggs. (I crack on them aside, from the really hot stuff.)

I said oyster dressing was weird. Strange.

Next, stir it around and toss in some salt and pepper, plus a handful of teaspoons of whatever herbs you’d like. Chicken seasoning is typical, or simply do rosemary oil, sage, and/or thyme to fit your tastes.

Next, stir the dressing around for any bit and provide it an idea. If you feel it’s lots of oyster flavor, great. However if you simply think it might use a bit more, splash in a bit of the oyster liquid.

Notice I didn’t refer to it as “oyster juice.” That could have been really grody.

Then just stir up and adjust the liquid content with the addition of in additional poultry or chicken broth. It must be pretty moist, so keep adding until it appears right.

Here’s what I love to do: bake wearing exactly the same skillet I personally use to saute ingredients.

I don’t look foward to dishes.

Then just bake it inside a 350 degree oven until it’s nice crispy and golden on the top, about 25 to half an hour approximately. (The photo above is before baking.) I love the crispy top, since the stuff below will stay mushy and also the contrast makes me eat five helpings.

Wait. Maybe that’s not this type of good factor in the end. Enter at the own risk.

Mmmm. There it’s. Just a little salty, just a little fishy, a great deal scrumptious. (Oh, and you may stuff your bird if you’d like! Personal preference. Like, totally.)

Love this particular, guys!

Just to show you, among other Thanksgiving dishes (AND Thanksgiving leftover dishes) arriving the following two days, I’ll also demonstrate:

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