Lemon tart

This smooth and luscious lemon curd can be used a filling, topping, or spread. The recipe is flexible, so that you can personalize it to fit your own taste.

Lemon curd is among Erez’s favorites, so that you can trust me when i state that I’ve managed to get numerous occasions. Although it might take a few attempts to really get used to it, when you do, it might be increasingly simple! Today it required me about twenty minutes from beginning to end – 10 for all, 10 to cook, contributing to 2 more for straining and whisking the butter.

Lemon curd can be used a range, for example on scones, or like a filling or topping for pavlovas, cheesecakes, layer cakes, tarts, sandwich cookies, parfaits, and much more.

This recipe may be the one I personally use the majority of the time. It’s simple because it doesn’t require separating the eggs, and it’s extremely light. I’ll sometimes tweak the recipe a little, following a guidelines below, basically need it a little sweeter or more potent. If you’ve never made lemon curd before, I would recommend beginning using the recipe as-is it features a good balance of sweetness and tartness, and is filled with lemon flavor.

Let’s review the components:

Using whole eggs isn’t just simple, but additionally creates an easy curd. Rather of three whole eggs, you should use 2 whole eggs plus 2 egg yolks, 1 whole egg plus 4 egg yolks, or simply 5-6 egg yolks. The greater egg yolks you utilize, the more potent and creamier (and somewhat heavier) the curd is going to be. It will likewise yield a significantly yellower curd instead of recipes using whole eggs only.


I love a curd that’s tart and never too sweet, however if you simply prefer it the other way round, you can include a couple of more tablespoons (2-4) of sugar.


This curd is filled with lemon flavor. For any milder flavor, you could use a little less juice and zest (or even more if you would like it more lemony!).


Personally, I love a gentle buttery flavor, but the treatment depends on personal taste. Butter not just adds flavor, it creates an easier and creamier consistency. If preferred, you can include more butter compared to recipe suggests (as much as 1/2 cup). Since adding the butter may be the last step from the process, add around you want before you achieve the preferred taste.

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