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These Homemade Tortilla Chips would be the perfect Mexican appetizer. They’re crispy, crunchy and won’t crumble and break apart when dipping and snacking!

I’m formally obsessed using these homemade tortilla chips! They’re crispy, crunchy, super thick and insanely simple to make. If one makes these for any party or meet up, I 99.9% be certain that you’ll get compliments from everybody because they’re just. that. good. I overlooked that .1% just in situation anybody starts considering suing me. Just covering my bases.

So let’s talk about what you truly need to know at this time – how on the planet will i make these amazing tortilla chips?! Let’s reach it.

(Don’t seem like frying? Here’s a recipe for baked tortilla chips.)

Steps to make homemade tortilla chips

Step One: Grab some commercially made corn tortillas and cut them into fourths. This gives the perfect size for dunking, dipping and snacking, which is what we would like. You are able to cut as numerous tortillas as you would like, however i recommend about 3 tortillas per person. You can estimate a couple of per person if there’s likely to be lots of other food around, but 3 appears is the magic number for eating the porch having a drink.

Step Two: Warm up some frying oil, about 1 1/2 cups worth or even more for the way big of the batch you’re considering doing. I grabbed a little bottle of peanut oil in the supermarket and merely went ahead and tried on the extender all since i have don’t really fry stuff that frequently. However much you utilize, just make certain the tortillas could be submerged within the oil whenever you insert them in. The oil should achieve a temperature close to 350°F to be able to start frying, which you’ll seek advice from a thermometer such as this one that we personally have and love. Should you don’t possess a thermometer, you can easily place a small bit of tortilla within the oil and when it starts sizzling and bubbling, then it’s ready!

Step Three: Time to obtain your fry on! Add a number of tortillas in to the oil and keep close track of them because they do their factor. If linked with emotions . crowd together somewhere from the pan, just move them around having a metal slotted spoon so that they don’t stick together. After a couple of minutes approximately, or once linked with emotions . obtain a nice golden yellow/brown color, take them off making use of your slotted spoon. Shake ’em off just a little to get rid of any excess oil after which put them on the baking sheet covered in sponges. This helps take in remaining excess oil so they’re not super greasy and gross.

Step Four: Sprinkle on some salt! Certainly one of my personal favorite reasons for tortilla chips is the fact that they’re salty, so don’t your investment salt! To ensure that the salt to actually keep to the chips, sprinkle it on soon after you set them around the sponges. I made use of a flaky ocean salt such as this one since it provides it with that lovely appearance of restaurant quality chips, but you should use kosher salt or perhaps table salt if that’s all you’ve got.

Step Five: Time for you to eat!

These tortilla chips can change your existence, hands lower. No exaggeration, they’re so great! They’re authentic, come with an amazing fresh corn taste, they’re satisfying and more importantly they won’t crumble and break apart like commercially made chips.

These chips can withstand any type of dipping having to break or cracking in the centre. Isn’t that probably the most annoying things ever? You want to dip a tortilla nick in salsa or queso also it breaks in the center of dipping, so you want to grab another nick which one breaks too. I am talking about, seriously! That’s no bueno – can’t be coping with that.

Once you’ve got your tortilla nick situation in check, the following big factor is working out things to obtain. Here’s a number of my personal favorite methods to enjoy homemade tortilla chips. cantina, perfect having a beer, the very best appetizer, chips and salsa dreams become a reality

  • serve it together with your favorite salsa – 5-Minute Fresh Homemade Salsa, guacamole salsa, pineapple salsa, red chile salsa, salsa verde
  • or perhaps your favorite dip – queso dip, guacamole, salsa verde queso, jalapeno bean dip
  • pair it together with your favorite drink – classic margarita, mexican paloma cocktail, michelada, watermelon agua fresca

Or just eat all of them on their own. No shame for the reason that!

I think you’ll enjoy these tortilla chips around I actually do! Buen provecho!

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