Chicken cordon bleu casserole 1

This chicken cordon bleu casserole has layer after layer of effective classic cordon bleu flavors, capped having a savory stuffing and baked until bubbly!

Potential a household favorite, this chicken cordon bleu casserole is wealthy, hearty, and extremely simple to prepare!

This can be a backed conversation compiled by me with respect to Tyson Foods NatureRaised Farm. The opinions and text are mine.

The holiday season is this type of crazy time. If you’re not planning for a meet up, you’re focusing on a menu, buying gifts, wrapping gifts, decorating, pulling hair out since the children are from school on and on stir-crazy, and random visitors can stop at almost any time. Pure craziness, however in a great way! The final factor you are feeling look foward to in this season is slaving away more than a dinner than takes multiple hrs and dirties a lot of dishes right? Well I’m here to see everyone my family’s GO-TO one-pan comfort food dish… the chicken cordon bleu casserole.

This casserole has some seriously amazing flavors going on… all of the creamy, cheesy cordon bleu flavors everyone knows and love, and several extra herbs within the cream sauce, along with a topping of buttered savory plant stuffing! Usually kids could be pretty picky, but my children eat this dish… even returning for seconds!

For that pork within this chicken cordon bleu casserole, I enjoy use NatureRaised Farms Uncured Smoked Sliced Pork. I really like that it’s uncured and it has no antibiotics, ever. You’ll find NatureRaised Farms pork within the deli cooler at Sams Club.

This casserole takes just moments to prep, and you may even perform some items to prep ahead making it also simpler!

  • Dice chicken breasts into 1 pieces and inside a sealed container within the refrigerator
  • Tear NatureRaised Farms pork into 1 pieces and inside a sealed container within the refrigerator
  • Combine cream of chicken soup with milk and seasonings and inside a sealed container within the refrigerator
  • You may also double the amount recipe, make both up (excluding the stuffing), keep one out of the refrigerator for any couple of hrs until you need to bake it, cover and freeze the second for an additional meal!

Because you won’t need to spend more money than 10-fifteen minutes prepping this meal, it just bakes, unwatched for forty-five minutes, you’ll convey more time for you to spend with the family! So how would you spend that additional time?

  • Undergo a classic picture album with the family
  • Go outdoors making snow angels or choose a brisk walk round the neighborhood
  • Play hide and go seek together with your kids

I enjoy serve this chicken cordon bleu casserole out of the box, having a side of vegetables or perhaps a side salad… however, many people choose to serve it on the top of the plate of buttered egg noodles or steamed white-colored grain.

Because I’m this type of huge fan of NatureRaised Farms® Pork, I’m offering another $50 Sams Club gift certificate so that you can pick some up and check out it on your own!

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