Caramel sauce recipe

This Caramel Sauce recipe is really tasty and also the easiest that i’ve ever made! A household favorite, this salted caramel sauce is smooth, creamy and excellent each and every time!

This is definitely the simplest caramel sauce that I’ve available and also the best I’ve ever sampled.

Through the years, I’ve learned some a trick to creating it, but once you understand the secret, you’re in caramel paradise!

You’ll just have five ingredients and some time to really make it!

Easiest Caramel Sauce Recipe

When you allow it to be, you’ll look for a million and something items to dip inside it, pour it over, and blend it in. It’s really a staple item, I believe. It’s scrumptious swirled in blondies and brownies, put over frozen treats, included a mocha or hot cider, and also to dip apples and pears into. I additionally like to pour it into sterilized jars and provide to family and buddies through the holidays after some note for favorite uses of it.

Here’s a the way i allow it to be, with some useful tips.

To create this recipe, you will simply need five ingredients.

  • Granulated Sugar
  • Water
  • Salted Butter
  • Heavy Cream
  • Coarse Ocean Salt

You’ll desire to use a 3-quart saucepan set over medium heat. Incorperate your granulated sugar and water towards the saucepan and stir having a wooden or silicone spoon until well combined. (You should make certain to make use of whether wooden spoon or perhaps a silicone spoon to create your sauce.)

Water can help your sugar to melt and can avoid the finished caramel sauce from becoming grainy. When you combine the sugar and water, don’t stir again. Because the sugar and water are heated, should you stir them, you’ll cause grains to create inside your caramel sauce and it won’t be smooth and creamy. Resist the need!

Rather, you are able to lightly swirl the pan within the heat as needed, but don’t allow the caramel go up high to the sides from the pan or this makes the caramel sauce grainy too.

Remember, the entire goal is creamy, smooth caramel sauce.

I personally use an immediate read or chocolate thermometer when creating my caramel sauce. Once the thermometer registers 350F and it is an easy amber color, the caramel sauce is prepared for the following stage.

Now, add all your butter pieces towards the saucepan at the same time and whisk before the butter is fully incorporated. The caramel will appear, but still whisk to make certain all the butter has melted.

Then, take away the saucepan in the heat and gradually pour within the cream, whisking continuously. Whisk within the ocean salt and hang aside to awesome before transferring for an airtight container for storing within the refrigerator or serving.

The sauce continuously thicken because it cools.

To avoid crystallization inside your caramel sauce, make certain that the pot and spoon (make use of a silicone or wood spoon!) are very clean. Any kind of debris may cause crystallization.

Being an option, you might add 1 teaspoon of corn syrup using the sugar and water to avoid any crystallization if you want.

Here’s my fast and simple Caramel Sauce recipe. It’s absolutely sublime! I believe you’ll like it!

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