Bbq meatballs 1

BBQ Meatballs.. simple to make within the slow cooker, this recipe takes only 3 ingredients and a few minutes to prep! Doesn’t improve than that.

Crockpot meatballs

These slow cooker grape jelly meatballs really are a family favorite. They’re seriously so great and also the perfect appetizer for game day! They almost help remind me of sweet and sour meatballs but taste better!

My Grand daddy continues to be making these crockpot meatballs for a long time so we always loved them becoming an adult. My sister even spoken him into which makes them being an appetizer at her wedding. Everybody loved them! Now obviously my loved ones has their actual “homemade meatballs recipe,” that are just like amazing.

The good thing about these BBQ meatballs is the fact that nobody would ever understand how simple they’re to create. You can even using them as a primary dish and serve on them sticky grain. Yummy!

Grape jelly meatballs

These slow oven grape jelly meatballs are extremely simple to make. You simply need 3 simple ingredients:

I really like obtaining the meatballs from Costco or Kroger. They taste the very best for me. And sweet baby ray’s BBQ sauce is the most popular. 🙂 However you can help make your own homemade meatballs and BBQ sauce if you like.

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