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When you try homemade salted caramel sauce, you won’t ever want commercially made again! The browned butter gives this sauce an incredibly deep flavor!

Smooth, dreamy, homemade salted caramel sauce is flecked with items of browned butter to have an incredibly deep and nutty flavor. This really is one sauce you’ll be wearing absolutely EVERYTHING!

I’ve got a little secret everyone. A number of you might gasp just a little, (okay not, but play along)… however i don’t enjoy caramel. ** awkward pause ** …I know right?! At least I Figured I didn’t like caramel. As it happens, I simply didn’t such as the colored corn syrup offered in jars labeled “caramel sauce” in the supermarket. I made some homemade salted caramel sauce and it was Amazed. I am talking about, I believe it’s real love everyone.

I literally couldn’t give up eating it. It began off all innocently after some taste from the spoon, then rapidly spiraled right into a mad sort through the home for a few things i could put this caramel sauce on. Essentially the meals was irrelevant, it had been only a caramel delivery device lol. I’ve eaten A lot of apples (honeycrisp are my personal favorite), drizzled with this sauce… all underneath the guise of feeling good about myself for consuming more fruit (nevermind that it’s coated in a combination of butter, cream and sugar). Isn’t it funny how the brain work?

If you’ve heard that creating homemade salted caramel sauce is complex or difficult, don’t worry… you just need some persistence and belief, and surely isn’t hard or too time intensive whatsoever!

Persistence and belief my friends… and here’s why.

  • Browning butter could be a little small longer process, and also you can’t really leave and allow it to do it’s thing… it requires some babysitting. If you’ve never browned butter before this is a superb tutorial.
  • When beginning the caramel process, you need to prepare lower sugar inside a pan (without any liqu >Belief:
  • When you add some cream, the sauce will foam and appear like some horrible science experiment gone horribly wrong… but have no fear!
  • Keep whisking, and go ahead and take pan from the heat for any minute if you want to.
  • Whether or not the caramel clumps on the whisk a little, keep whisking (stated within my best Dory voice), and it’ll burn away.
  • Before lengthy, you’ll possess a smooth, wealthy, glossy sauce.

There are many methods to make caramel sauce, however this is my personal favorite way. If you need a different way, just incorporate the browned butter to your recipe… believe me, you won’t be sorry!

This sauce would be also an incredible gift to give up throughout the holidays!

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